Kálmán Spa, Mezőberény

Kálmán Spa, Mezőberény

Kálmán Spa, Mezőberény

The thermal spring is composed of water carrying alkali-hydrogen-carbonate, which is easing joint complaints, lymphatic disorder, locomotor disorders and rheumatic complaints.The Kálmán Bath offers a variety of pools and therapeutic water for its visitors.

The thermal bath is only a few hundred meters from the city center, in a beautiful, carefully maintained park right next to the Picnic Park Leisure Center, awaiting guests in the summer season.

The spa has four swimming pools (for swimming, spa, children's pool and paddling pool) for guests' relaxation.

The bath's thermal water - consisting alkali-hydrogen-carbonate – is perfect for treating joint problems, lymphatic disorders, locomotor disorders and rheumatic complaints.

History of Kálmán Spa:

Mezőberény's first swimming pool capable for competitions, was built between 1932 and 1935 on the initiation of István Kálmán with the help of local entrepreneurs, voluntary supporters and residents of the village.
The swimming pool first opened in 1935, swimming courses began in 1936. In the autumn of 1943, the national swimming competition took place Mezőberény with the participation of the Hungarian swimming celebs of the era.
The bath was operated by István Kálmán until september of 1948, when he sold it to the village.
Since, the Bath has been run by the town.
The Spa has been renovated several times, recently in 2015.

The Spa was named after István Kálmán based on the idea of a local civilian association.

Number of pools:

4 outdoors
1 child pool (32 degrees Celsius)
1 thermal pool (37 degrees Celsius):

The thermal spring water consists alkali-hydrogen-carbonate, which is good for joint complaints,
lymphatic disorder, locomotor disorders and rheumatic complaints.

1 paddling-pool (32 degrees Celsius)
1 swimming pool (26 degrees Celsius)
Értékesítés:+36 20 931 4041
Recepció:+36 66 401 670